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FOR Easy Pay

FOR Easy Pay

We are pleased to announce our new financial feature/software, FOR Easy Pay!

The function of this new tool will be to provide our members to save from unnecessary bank transfer charges. As you know, it’s a common trouble to send small amount for overseas payments costing minimum USD 25 – 50- per transaction.

What we offer is to transfer a deposit amount to FOR Network and use it for your any overseas payments to FOR members. Our suggested minimum amount is Usd 1000.- It’s up to you to increase or decrease it. We will keep it for your any overseas transfer. Our members can also use it to pay their membership fee, conference fee, sponsorship fee etc. network payments too. The transfer cost to members & network will be free via this portal.

Therefore, you can start using our new feature from now on, enjoy and save a lot! We will develop our software according to the feedback of our members.