Visa & Travel Information

Our suggestion to our guest is to check with TK for air line ticket. Because Turkish Air Lines has direct flight from/to all over the world from/to Istanbul. TK is able to reach to more than 300 destinations, as world’s number one air line reaching most destinations. Its the best choice to save from your time !. For your easy reference, here is the air line link: Please prefer Istanbul / Ataturk airport as destination terminal as your hotel is located in Istanbul / Euro side like Ataturk airport.

Regarding visa , there is no visa for the most of the countries and many countries is able to get arrival visa in the entrance and for the one’s need visa before to depart, we are ready to provide needed invitation letters and ready to provide any documents properly. Please kindly check your country’s visa status or contact with our team to get needed assistance at:

We will arrange our delegates pickup from Istanbul / Ataturk airport. Please don’t forget to provide us your flight / arrival details to arrange your pick up smoothly by our limo service.